Adventures with Cali-Wiener

Explore the U.S., The Southwest, and California with me, Jeff Crowder, The Cali-Wiener; “The Californian Viennese”.


Born and raised in Ocean Beach, Point Loma, and La Jolla, I grew up a San Diego beach boy, who loves the mountains & outdoors. These adventures are based on my greatest experiences from The Pacific Crest Trail, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, and road trips on Highway 1.

Having guided Austrians to the U.S. for many years, I have a good sense of what they do & don’t want from their vacation. Experience the best of America, not the worst; and what’s really good mustn’t always be the most expensive. When you travel with me, you benefit from my insider knowledge, which gets you much more out of your precious vacation time & money.

I’ll positively surprise you with secret locations, exotic restaurants, good food, thrilling concerts, and the right accommodations you wouldn’t find & experience in such a way on your own. As your personal guide, I listen very closely to your wishes & needs, and aim for fun adventure with all hits and no misses. Take a trip like no other: a Cali-Wiener Adventure!

California Dreaming 2020:

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Land’s-End Walk’n’Talk 2020


English at the Beach 2020

_English at the Beach.jpg

Southwest circle 2020

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„Take to the ocean of life like a fish takes to the sea.“
- Henry Miller