Jeff Crowder, Excellence in English 

university lecturer, English Teacher,

proofreader, translator, COPYWRITER, Author, Comedian                


Jeff Crowder is the author of THE ENGLISH DRILLBOOK for German Speakers, who founded EXCELLENCE in ENGLISH language school in Vienna, Austria in 2001.  He is specialized in helping German speakers overcome their typical mistakes in English.      

As an English teacher, Jeff Crowder helps you speak fluent English by:

·      systematically testing, correcting, & refining your pronunciation with his Pronunciation Index

·      improving your use of tenses, grammar, prepositions

·      expanding your vocabulary, phrases, & idiom

·      helping you to gain & increase your confidence in speaking & writing English!

·      making you a more effective communicator

He achieves these goals with you in individual or group lessons, through conversation, using THE ENGLISH DRILLBOOK, and having FUN in the process!

“Those who want to teach the most, don’t act too teachy!
Wer am meisten lehren will, führt sich nicht wie ein Oberlehrer auf!”
— Jeff Crowder, author of THE ENGLISH DRILLBOOK